The Charlie Garland Bar


Brislington has a respectably sized and well organised clubhouse with a fully stocked, reasonably priced bar.


We can seat around 60 people, (with additional chairs available) and comfortably hold around 90 people both seated and standing. We have a fully licensed and staffed bar available, along with the supervised use of the clubs professional catering facilities upon request.

Business Meetings

Confrences & Presentations

Birthday Parties

Anniversary Celebrations

Wedding Receptions

Engagements & Christenings 

& Other Celebratory Events

07724 829 090



Any evening event shall not incur a hire charge under the proviso that the bar income for the evening is in excess of £300. A charge may be required to cover the cost of bar staff required. A standard fee of £50 (Sun-Fri) and £100 (Sat) will be charged to the person(s) whom hired the venue if the bar income marker is not achieved. 

All other events and those not requiring the use of the bar are subject to alternative charges which will be explained and agreed upon booking. Weekday usage of the clubhouse is of limited availability. Where possible persons wishing to hire the club on a weekday should look to book with plenty of notice.